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EMAC: Tai Chi/Qi-Gong

Yang Style Tai Chi and Qi-Gong are designed to promote internal energy through breathing, meditation, moving exercises, and standing postures. Chi can be used in various ways, Extreme Martial Arts Center teaches techniques that can be applied to health and healing, as well as martial arts! In our class you practice basic warm-ups and short forms that will increase strength, flexibility, balance circulation and
focus! Calm the mind and release the tensions of our modern day lifestyles!

Location: Extreme Martial Arts Center
One time additional $15 fee for t-shirt due to EMAC

Please note: All EMAC classes offered through Sunrise are introductory and do not include participant testing, belts, or levels. Prices reflect this introductory offering. Please see EMAC staff for full more in-depth courses.

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